1. 21. June 2017

    Kavarna Piran

  2. Opening of the Café in Piran, Tartini Square

    21. June 2017
  1. 1. October 2016


  2. Café and pâtisserie Zvezda Slon is completely renovated

    1. October 2016
  1. 21. August 2012

  2. Opening of Deli

    21. August 2012

    House of many tastes Deli opened at the side of Cafe on Wolfova street. Deli’s rich offer of home dishes, desserts and drinks “to go” will make the purchase of Zvezda’s goods easier and more fun at any time of the day.

  1. 1. December 2011

  2. Opening of the Bistro

    1. December 2011

    Opening of the Bistro on Wolfova Street.

  1. 3. June 2009

  2. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Zvezda Café on Wolfova Street

    3. June 2009

    Invitees and random passers-by enjoyed a wonderful evening of great food and drinks with an excellent musical performance by Nuša Drašček. A beautiful evening turned into a perfect summer get together.

  1. 21. November 2007

  2. Opening of the Café in Hotel Slon

    21. November 2007

    Opening of the Café and pâtisserie Zvezda in Hotel Slon.

  1. 12. October 2005

  2. Opening of the BTC franchise

    12. October 2005

    Opening of the Café and pâtisserie Zvezda in BTC, which Zvezda took under its wings and completely renovated in 2008.

  1. 3. June 1999

  2. Opening of the first Zvezda

    3. June 1999

    Opening of the first Zvezda on Wolfova Street, attended also by former president of Slovenia Milan Kučan.