Zvezdica d. o. o. is a socially responsible company. Primarily we express our social responsibility through relationship with our guests and healthy, fresh and quality cuisine based on the very best ingredients. We imbue openness, respect and love towards our guests in our everyday work.

We are also aware that our offers and products are not available to everybody, so we like to take care of them too. Every morning we deliver cakes which haven’t been sold, or have minor aesthetic flaws, to the Kings of the street organisation. Annually during the holiday season we give out sweet treats to the organisations which help the homeless and others with financial difficulties. We often respond to appeals of those asking us for different types of help.

We are happy when we can make someone’s day a little better and draw a smile on someone’s face. We know the small actions are the ones that count and make this world a better place.

Some of our past charity actions

September – December 2013: Zvezda Celebrates with Amnesty International Slovenia

amnesty _torta_press

Amnesty International Slovenia (AIS), a branch of the largest global human rights organisation, celebrates 25 years of activity in Slovenia. Zvezda will take part in this celebration, because we stand for human rights and because there is no celebration without a cake.

The AIS invites everyone to join in by making a cake, inviting your loved ones over, taking a photo with the cake and signing a petition for someone whose rights have been violated. If you are not so skilled in baking cakes, you can buy one of our most liked cakes, the orange-chocolate Amnesty Cake, and take a photo with it.

By doing this you will be supporting the AIS, because 25 cents of each piece of cake sold will go to them. Donations will be possible until 10 December, the Human Rights Day and the birthday of the AIS.

For more information please visit www.amnesty.si/torta.

May 25th, 2012 – Children of Veržej primary school and Maribor youth centre visited us and brightened our day with their heartfelt joy on national Youth Day. To return the favour, we have delighted them with our yummy ice-cream.


December 25th, 2011 – We warmed up the evening of Ljubljana’s homeless people with giving out a large number of cakes which made their day a bit sweeter. We are happy and proud that we can cheer up the less fortunate. Their joy was sincere and we are pleased that we were able to contribute to the festive spirit and good will.