Daily soup

Vegetables or meat from local farmers

Beef soup

Pancake strips, vegetables, soup meat



Adriatic sardines, red onion, raspberry vinegar


Fresh cooked octopus, olive oil, lemon

Beef tartare

Slovenian beef, sardines, capers, shallots, mustard, quail yolk, cognac, prickles


Prosciutto matured for 20 months, Istrian olives


Krško Polje pork, pickles and peppers

Cottage cheese

Bovec cottage cheese, chives, roasted cherry tomatoes

House-made pâté

Veal liver pâté, quince jam, vinegar shallots


Aged Slovene cheese, home-made jam

Home-made gnocchi or tagliatelle

Gnocchi with pumpkin

House-made gnocchi, baked pumpkin, sage, smoked cottage cheese

Gnocchi with beetroot

Home-made gnocchi, beetroot, fresh cream cheese, pistachios

Tagliatelle with beef ragu

Tagliatelle, Slovenian beef, tomatos, herbs, Parmesan

Tagliatelle with tomato and mozzarela

Tagliatelle, tomato, mozzarela

Main courses

Fried chicken

Free-range chicken, house-made tatare sauce

Fish stew

Adriatic squids, tomatoes, grilled polenta
(Ask the waiter for the menu with all the allergens listed.)

Roast beef

Matured Black Angus beef, wine sauce, mashed potatos, curly cale


Slowly braised lamb chop, sweet potatoes, fresh thyme

Adriatic sea bass

Adriatic sea bass, young chard, potatoes

Side salads


Field radicchio, pumpkin seed oil, cooked egg


Ljubljana iceberg lettuce, cooked beans, apple vinegar


Sliced cabbage, cooked beans, red wine vinegar

Composed salads

Caesar salad

Lettuce, croutons, ceasar dressing, parmesan, grilled chicken stripes or prawns

Baby spinach

Baby spinach, feta cheese, grilled zucchini, beetroot, mustard seed

Mango and prawns

Lettuce, fennel, mango, prawns, sesame seeds, chilli dressing

For youngest

Gnocchi with cheese sauce

House-made gnocchi, mozzarella, Jošt Cheese, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, cream

Linguini with basil pesto

Linguini, homemade pesto, roasted cherry tomatoes

Chicken strips in corn flakes

Chicken fillet, corn flakes, mashed potatoes


Cherry strudel

Cherry strudel, Zvezda's ice cream


House-made plum dumplings, plum jam


Fruit, chocolate or raw cake from Zvezda's pastry shop

Ice cream

Fruit or milk-based, from Zvezda's pastry shop

Zvezda's Crunchies

Zvezda’s Crunchy

After 3pm