The real menu star will be Zvezda’s Crunchy, made from light organic spelt flour dough. This Crunchy is crispy, light and, above all, social food. It is served on a wooden platter and placed in the middle of the table, so that everyone can grab a bite while chatting with friends.

One platter can contain different spreads and ingredients – in this way, everyone gets what they like most.


The Crunchy is only available in size S. On a single Crunchy, you can combine up to 3 different flavours.

  • cherry tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella, pesto
  • pancetta, arugula, ricotta
  • sausage, radicchio, ricotta, chilli peppers
  • chicken strips, red beans, lettuce, fresh peppers, sour cream, chilli
  • tuna, fresh red onion, capers, sour cream
  • baby spinach, mascarpone, walnuts
  • prosciutto, arugula, green olives, parmesan
  • roasted eggplant, tomato sauce, mascarpone, parmesan