Café Zvezda at Piran

Be it on your way to the Saturday Market, on your way to work or in between meetings. Zvezda has become the place to meet friends or business partners as well as the place for chance meetings. Slices of cakes and cups of coffee turned into snacks, cookies into ice creams, coffee shop into a shop of culinary delights. Zvezda had, spontaneously as the result of our wishes, grown and begun offering programs that, even though marked by the characteristics of Zvezda, somehow didn’t fit into only one shop. Hence the »big bang«. The Zvezda Café and Pastry Shop was first joined by Bistro, which was followed by Deli, each with their own culinary story. Last year we proudly opened a new coffee shop in a place of arts and culture, the National Gallery, and later on presented a new concept in the Hotel Slon where we combined the renovated café with the hotel lounge.

However, one wish still remained unfulfilled. We wished for a coffee shop that would have all the characteristics of a town café but which, rather than being a getaway in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, would treat its guests to a sea breeze and view of a romantic square of an old seaside town. We wished upon a star and saw our wish granted – the youngest star, a brand new Zvezda coffee shop with all its characteristics but a brand new sea-inspired story, is now lighting up the historic Tartini Square in the town of Piran.