French macaron – an irresistible dessert of royal origin

Legend has it that the macaron was brought to Paris from Italy by Catharine de’ Medici and her pastry chefs in the 16th century. After marrying Henry II of France, Catharine acquainted the French royal court with her favourite dessert: two meringue shells sandwiched together with different fillings and liqueurs.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the macaron was newly discovered by Ladurée, a well-established French confectionery shop.

The Ladurée pastry chefs were the first to design the characteristic look of the French macaron, or, “le macaron”, which has remained unchanged ever since. Egg whites were mixed with almonds, sugar and almond meal, and beaten until the meringue was soft and smooth. The meringue was then left to dry and round shells were formed. Pairs were assembled with rich fruit or ganache filling. The name given then, “Parisian macaron”, or “macaron” , is still used today.

The Parisian macaron, with its characteristic taste and light, melt-in-your-mouth texture, was soon to become a worldwide delicacy. Each country has its own version of the macaron, but the most demanding gourmets stick to the original Parisian recipe.

Zvezda first served macarons in 2008, and since then they have slowly but steady made their way to becoming a regular on the pastry menu. To offer only the best to our guests, we fully adopted the Parisian recipe. But soon our guests were completely enraptured with the royal dessert, the demand for it increased, and so the macaron has become another bright star on our menu. Nevertheless, it truly began to shine this August, when the new Zvezda’s Deli has been opened and the double-decker meringue delicacy were given a special place in the display window. We are proud that these fragile sweets of magical colours and with an unforgettable taste have become part of our story, and that we can float among the stars together.

Every Zvezda’s macaron is made from top quality ingredients, with careful attention, precision and love.