Deli’s offer consists of home-made artisan chocolate, pralines and lollipops of different tastes, which will be a delight for every “choco-holic”. However, in order to satisfy the needs of all fans of sweet treats, we have also prepared a various program of vegan and organic food, which will surprise even the most demanding customers.

Sweet program continues with a rich variety of cakes, home-made cookies, ice-cream goodies, marmalades, sweets in glasses, cupcakes and colourful macrons.

Part of Deli’s charm is the customer’s possibility to use full imagination in the choice of ingredients, since the part of the offer is intended for each individual to choose his/her own ingredient in the coffee or in the fresh organic juice and pick the favourite piece of pastry in the self-service part of the morning program.

In autumn and winter times, there will be an addition of rich variety of warm soups, pâtés, and other Bistro Zvezda’s offers besides the current offer of salads, sandwiches and lasagnes.

Chocolate program

For the passionate chocolate lovers, we offer home-made artisan chocolate goodies with different fillings.

  • Chocolate pralines
  • Home-made dark or milk artisan chocolates with various fillings
  • Chocolate lolipops with playful motives

Chocolade with print

Lolipops with print




Home-made cookies

A huge part of Zvezda’s tradition are the hom-made cookies, just like the grandma did them, made with lots of love and so fragile, they melt in your mouth.



Parisian macrons are tender royal sweets, which will astound and enchant you with it’s various tastes and magical colours.

Chocolate, vanilla, orange, caramel, raspberry, pistachio and rose are constantly in our offer, which will expand with every change of season and present new varieties of colours and tastes.


Vegan program

Zvezda’s raw and vegan cakes

    • Vegan chocolate cake with cherries and bananas
    • Raw chocolate cake with dates and cranberries
    • Spelt pie
    • Raw chocolate hazelnut cake
    • Raw almond coconut cake with raspberry coating
    • Salty program

Daily fresh goodies from Bistro Zvezda’s “to go” program offer a healthy and tasty meal wherever and whenever you are.

Japanese salad

Mozzarella sandwich

Sandwich with aubergines


Morning program

Every morning there is a nice smell of freshly baked pastry. Croissants, pockets, “snails” and various small pastry are just a part of our rich offer, which is constantly expanding.

Jutranji program


BrowniesChocolate pastry with candied fruit


CupcakesSweets with various fillings and playful decoration


VafljiWaffles can be additionally enriched with fruit or marmalade

Ice-cream program

Sladoledni programMinou popsicles, ice-cream mini pralines, ice-cream mini cakes, ice-cream cake

Quella ice cream

Quella sladoledA magnificent milk-based ice cream with hazelnut chocolate cream.

Frozen yogurt with fruit

Frozen yogurtAmerican frozen dessert, made from yoghurt and fruit.

Sweets in a glass

Sladice v kozarčkuRich creamy desserts, enriched with fruit, tapioca or sesame

Natural organic juices

Natural juiceAt the Deli and our café at Wolfova 14, you can choose from a wide selection of smoothies named after star constellations and stars. Our smoothies consist of fruit only, or combine fruits and vegetables. Ginger can be added to lift your spirit, or carrots to improve your sight. Casiopea can be put right on your table, there is no need to look for Sirius up in the sky either, and Andromeda and Pegasus are perfect to start the day with. Not to forget healthy and tasty superfoods such as alpha alpha, camu camu, ginkgo, mede berries, guarana, lucuma, maca, spirulina, five-flavour berries, and barley grass.

Zvezda’s coffees TO GO

Coffee to goHave a coffee with your favourite taste on the way to work or during a relaxed stroll through the city.
You can pick between: vanilla, chocolate, Nutella, cinnamon, coconut, hazelnut, caramel, violet, elderberry, almond, mint, maple, honey…
Instead of ordinary milk, you can also choose between oat, rice or soya milk.