Grandma’s cake (Walnut sponge cake, coffee custard)

Urška tells the story how Oma’s Cake came to be: “My grandmother on my father’s side was named Anica. She taught my sister Barbara and me how to bake, cook and sew. And she made a delicious cake. It was really special because it took her two days to bake it and she made it every time when someone in the family had birthday. My grandmother grew up in a time when food was not in abundance, so she used to skimp on the cream. I can clearly remember how my sister and I begged her not to be so thrifty with the ingredients. In 1999, my Oma came to Zvezda to tell our confectioners the secret recipe for the cream of her cake. Of course, she was equipped with a small measuring cup to make sure the cake wouldn’t be too creamy. Zvezda’s modern Oma’s Cake is richer and creamier. Every time a guest orders it, old feelings overcome me and I remember my wonderful Oma, who lives on in my heart.”