Lemon cake

Although the lemon tree is native to South East Asia, it can be found in regions with tropical and temperate climates throughout the world. The lemon tree is small, but can produce up to 800 fruits in favourable conditions. Its young shoots and petals are violet before turning into the much-liked bright yellow fruits. Lemon has always been a must in cooking, bringing freshness to meat and vegetable dishes. It is also widely used in making desserts and is especially liked by those who prefer a less sweet taste. Owing to a great quantity of vitamin C and other beneficial ingredients, lemons are a well-known remedy for staying healthy and beautiful.

When life gives you lemons… you make a Lemon cake! That is exactly what we did at Zvezda. We upgraded our sour lemons to a deliciously sweet Lemon cake. A crunchy bottom with a perfect creamy, soft and smooth filling that is crowned with meringa foam.