the Constellation 9

In the new issue of the Constellation we are talking about cocoa beans, holidays and Zvezda’s treats.


In the cold winter days one is often tempted by the intoxicating smell of hot chocolate. The sweet scent takes us to the times of the Maya and the Aztecs, when the only ones allowed to drink the magical beverage made from cocoa beans were high dignitaries. We know that the most expensive chocolates are those with the highest cocoa content. This is due to the fact that cocoa is difficult to produce, as most of the procedures are still done by hand. At Zvezda, cocoa is bought from fair traders only. Indeed, fair trade cocoa is more expensive, but it makes us happy and proud to know that we help preserve nature and enable workers in cocoa production to receive a decent wage.

The Constellation is available in all our coffee shops and Bistro.