Zvezda Café Lounge at the Slon Hotel

A fervent wish for something good brings forth the most beautiful of visions. Our “constellation” emerged from the sweet desire of those of us who took Zvezda as our own. In the past 17 years, Zvezda has evolved into a fixed star, serving as a quick stopover on your way to the farmers’ market on a Saturday, or on your way to work or during your lunch break on a weekday. Better said, Zvezda has become a meeting point either for a relaxed business conversation or for a nostalgic chat with your friends. Each of Zvezda’s cafés possesses unique energy and has an authentic coffee-shop vibe. The refurbished Zvezda Café at the Slon Hotel, which is reopening in October, will be no exception. Because this café will also serve as a sweet oasis for the hotel guests, the usual menu will be supplemented with an exclusive lounge offer. If you lack the time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, join us in our Zvezda Café at the Slon Hotel, where you can soak in the relaxing atmosphere over a glass of a carefully selected collection of Slovenian and foreign wines together with a delicious club sandwich or just a fine cup of tea or coffee. As is the case in all of our cafés, the brightest stars on the menu are our house-made cakes. Treat yourself to a sweet getaway at Zvezda. We look forward to your visit.

[1] “Zvezda” is Slovene for “star”


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