Zvezda in National Gallery

At the National Gallery of Slovenia, you can now find a new Zvezda’s café and confectionery. It has a view on one of the most important Baroque monuments in Slovenia – the Fountain of the Three Rivers by Francesco Robba. The decision to open a new café was a response to the needs of visitors at the National Gallery, who wish to see an exhibition first and then stop for a cup of good coffee or tea, and a dessert, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and gathering impressions from the works of art displayed as part of the permanent collection or one of the theme exhibitions. Zvezda’s café is also perfectly suited for all those who simply wish to take in the magnificent ambience of the National Gallery. Zvezda’s pastry and confectionery artists will be preparing an assortment of sweet treats, designed specifically for this very special venue. One of them is a cake dedicated to Luiza Peskajova, a Slovenian poet, author and translator. The portrait of Luiza Pesjakova, painted by Mihael Stroj in 1855, was chosen by visitors as one of the most popular paintings at the National Gallery. The Luiza Pesjakova Cake is of bright colours, and as charming and elegant as Stroj’s portrait. Like the portrait, the cake is distinguished by its luxury, which is reflected in the richness of ingredients used by Zvezda’s chefs. For a few months, the Luiza Pesjakova Cake will only be available at the National Gallery. Later on, we will also start serving this culinary piece of art at Zvezda’s other cafés. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and join us at Zvezda’s new café in the National Gallery, the place where you can indulge both your sense of sight and your sense of taste.


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